The King's Decree

Adventures in Blackmoor
Uther’s Decree:
By the word of King Uther Andahar the Redeemer, on this day, all those of noble blood or desiring of Citizenship in the Kingdom of Blackmoor shall cast off their mundane moorings and set themselves to travelling for a period of five years before they may claim their birthright as nobles or citizens. The start of such travels shall be marked by the King’s Stewards and their end recorded in the Rolls of Valor, should they be completed in good faith and health.
Dran the Herald, proclaimed on the first Coronation Day, 1016T

In the far North lie the lands of Blackmoor, past the plains where the horsenomads dwell and the mountains where the dragonborn lands once lay, on the shores of the Black Sea. The Frontier, the Thonians called it, for it was claimed by the Thonian Empire, last and latest inheritor of the legacy of Bael Turath, the once grand world-spanning empire that brought forth the Doom That Shook The World. Having cast off the chains of the now-mad Thonian Emperor, King Uther made such a decree in order to both bring his people together form their disparate roots, and to aid in taming the wild lands that they had claimed as their home.
Races: Permitted races and their sources are… PHB1: Dragonborn, Dwarf, Eladrin, Elf*, Half-elf, Halfling, Human*, Tiefling*. PHB2: Goliath, Half-Orc. PHB3: Minotaur
Humans are comprised of High Thonians, Thonians, and the nomadic Peshwah. Their stats do not differ from the PHB, but each has a specific background available to them.
Tieflings are more human-appearing, generally, than as depicted in the standard artwork for 4e, generally with small horns, different skin-colorations or eye and hair differences from the human norm, with a very small minority (primarily among those of poor birth circumstances or tainted lineage) exhibiting the larger horns, inhuman features, or tails some attribute to their race. Despite the difference in appearance, their stats do not differ from the PHB.
Local Halflings are part of a tribal culture calling themselves the Docrae (meaning ‘fighters’ in their language) and with a long and bitter history of enslavement and escape from the Afridhi culture to the west. Many are loyal subjects, and their people fought with King Uther against the Thonians in the Great Revolt and earned themselves a fearsome reputation. Their stats vary slightly from the PHB standard.
Elves are divided into two camps, the Cumasti and the Westryn, though the reasons for such are rarely discussed with outsiders. The Cumasti are more light-hearted and associate with humans readily (even birthing half-elves) where the Westryn elves are more withdrawn, solemn, and (to the best of anyone’s knowledge) have never produced any mixed-blood children, treating such with a strange sort of contempt.
Classes: Permitted classes and their sources are… PHB1: Cleric, Fighter, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Warlock, Warlord, Wizard. PHB2: Avenger, Barbarian*, Bard, Druid*, Invoker, Shaman*, Sorcerer, Warden*. PHB3: Monk*, Runepriest*. Classes marked with an asterisk are limited based on race/background choices.
Alignments: Lawful Good, Good, or Unaligned
Backgrounds: Any of the ‘normal’ backgrounds from the ‘Power’ books may be selected, as well as the ‘special’ backgrounds below, but this game does not take place in Eberron or the Forgotten Realms so those backgrounds will not be allowed.
High Thonian High Thonian, add Diplomacy and Insight to class list, gain +1 Diplomacy
Peshwah of the Hak (Human (Peshwah) primarily) Add Perception to class list, gain +2 Perception
The Black Hills (Dwarves and Humans primarily) Dwarven, add Endurance and Arcana to class list, gain +1 to each
Forest Lands of the East (Cumasti primarily) Add Athletics and Nature to class list, gain +1 to each
Blackmoor Born 1 language of your choice, add Insight and Diplomacy to class list
Born of the Dragon Hills Add Endurance to class list, gain +3 to Endurance checks
Forest Realms of the West Elven, add Perception to class list, gain +1 Perception
The Wild Red Wood Reroll any Nature check, but keep second result, +1 init
The Land of Booh +2 on saving throws against charm and fear effects, +1 init
Barony of Bramwald Add Thievery OR Dipomacy to class list, get +2 on that skill
Dragonia Draconic, add Arcana to class list, may reroll any Arcana check
Merchants of Maus Add Insight to your class list, gain +2 Insight
Stormkiller Mountains (Dwarves and Humans primarily) Dwarven, add Endurance and Athletics to class list, gain +2 to Endurance checks

Special Feats: Horse Bond [Cha 13, Peshwah], Dread Curse [Wis 13, Warlock], Infamy [Cha 13, infamous deed], Odir’s Lore [Divinity, Odir worship], Racial Reputation [Cha 13, completion of task], Short in Stature, Tall in Power [Docrae],

Special Note: There is a new item slot added to the possible ones, ‘Coat of Arms’.

The King's Decree

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